Ian Filippini Fess Parker

Ian Filippini Tells Us About The Fess Parker

Ian Filippini Fess Parker

The Fess Parker

A top-notch 4-star hotel, the Fess Parker resort allows visitors to get the most out of Santa Barbara, “the American Riviera.” Within walking distance from the Pacific Ocean, its seven buildings span over 24 acres of land. The resort offers more than 360 luxury rooms, each one having either a balcony or a patio, a minibar, and a flat-screen TV. Guests can opt for wireless or wired internet connection and adjoining rooms. Last but not least, visitors can choose the view they want to see from their room — mountains or ocean.

The hotel is a resort as well as a guest lodge. It offers valet and self parking and the Hertz Rental Car service for customers without their cars. Also, the hotel provides five different restaurants, a spa, and a fully fitted fitness gym. The gym, open 24 hours a day, is good for people seeking to become fit, to bulk themselves up, or to do cutting. Teachers from the gym even give tennis lessons at the Oceanside School of Tennis — another part of the Fess Parker resort. Because it is a partner of the Hilton Connect+ program, the hotel can offer full support for business meetings. It has multiple ballrooms and two thoroughly equipped boardrooms, which together can accommodate 1000 attendees.

To make a reservation with the hotel, click the following link: https://www.fessparkersantabarbarahotel.com/. The address is 633 E Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara, CA 93103, and the phone number is 888-370-0998. To learn more about Ian Filippini, who recommends the hotel, click on these links: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ian-filippini-468b3223 and http://ianfilippini.com/ .

Ian Filippini Stearns Wharf
Santa Barbara, Travel

Ian Filippini Explores Stearns Wharf

Ian Filippini Stearns Wharf

Stearns Wharf

Anyone who has lived in, or been to Santa Barbara knows that Stearns Wharf is the place to go for food and fun. Stearns Wharf is located at 219 Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara, 93109 (www.stearnswharf.org). If you follow State Street to the ocean, you will find it! Ian Filippini is a frequent visitor of Stearns Wharf and can tell us all about it.
Stearns Wharf is named after the man who built it, John P. Stearns. The wharf was built in 1872 and served both commercial shipping and passenger vessel needs for over 25 years. More information about the history of Stearns Wharf can be found at http://www.stearnswharf.org/history.php.

Ian Filippini knows that there are so many fun activities to do at the wharf, and he talks about some of them here. Ian loves that you can take a ride on a water taxi around the Santa Barbara Harbor. It is a great way to see the coastline and hopefully see some local sea life!

Another way Ian loves to see the Santa Barbara sea life is to visit the Sea Center, also on the wharf. There are some great educational opportunities there, and also a lot of fun to be had. If you want to get even more up close and personal to some sea life, you can go to Stearns Wharf bait and tackle and do some fishing right off the pier!

Of course while you are having all of this fun, you may work up an appetite; this is why Mr. Filippini recommends visiting any of the wonderful restaurants on the wharf. There is Moby Dick’s (www.mobydicksb.com), Longboard’s Grill (www.longboardsgrillsb.com), as well as the Harbor Restaurant (www.harborsb.com).

On the wharf there are also souvenir shops, ice cream and a wonderful candy store. If you are a local, or just visiting Santa Barbara, Stearns Wharf is a great place to go spend the day to experience a variety of fun activities!

Ian Filippini Harbor View Hotel

Ian Filippini Reviews Harbor View Inn

Ian Filippini Harbor View Hotel

According to Ian Filippini, if you’re looking for upscale, picturesque lodging ideally situated in Santa Barbara, look no further than the Harbor View Inn. The accommodations, amenities and ocean are sure to aid in your comfort and relaxation, as will California’s temperate weather. The top benefits of staying here include high-end suites and a proximity to fine-dining and local attractions, which is always impressive to Ian.

You can choose an ocean view or city view room, allowing you to stay in the suite that best fits your budget. Regardless of the view, you will have a soft, clean bed, high-end furniture, and a balcony in select rooms. Being able to take in the ocean view from your balcony, while drinking a glass of wine with friends, family or a loved one, is a tremendous experience.

The hotel features a spa, pool, fitness center and the State Street Coffee shop, just to mention a few of the amenities that Mr. Filippini loves. There are a multitude of fine-dining restaurants in the area ranging in tastes from seafood to steak and Mexican cuisine. Local attractions include wineries, art museums and even the Santa Barbara Mission (www.santabarbaramission.org). Ian Filippini notes that, “There is no greater balance of lodging and location in the Santa Barbara coastal area.”

High-quality resorts and accommodations in Santa Barbara are ideal for vacations, quick getaways and for visiting family members nearby. When you stay at the Harbor View Inn, you’re ideally situated to enjoy the best that this area offers.

The address of the Harbor View Inn:

28 W. Cabrillo Blvd.
Santa Barbara
CA 93101

Ian Filippini Upham Hotel

Ian Filippini Reviews Upham Hotel and Country House

Ian Filippini Upham Hotel

Upham Hotel and Country House

The Upham Hotel and Country House (www.uphamhotel.com) offers you the modern convenience of an upscale hotel while combining all the comforts of a classic inn. With 50 rooms and suites located throughout the hotel, this landmark southern California hotel embraces its British heritage by creating the image of an English style inn at the country house. Although the hotel maintains its small boutique appeal, the facility offers each of its guests traditional amenities, which is one of the many reasons why Ian Filippini adores this place..

Conveniently located next to downtown Santa Barbara (www.downtownsb.org) and the area’s pristine beaches, the hotel offers you accommodations ranging from small and economical rooms like the bungalow queen to the Santa Barbara king room. The junior king room at the hotel offers the most space including a sitting area, private bathroom and a writing desk.

The country house is located a half block away and across the street from the hotel. Offering the charm and appeal of a cozy bed and breakfast, the country house features eight unique rooms ranging from the petite Nichole room to the penthouse suite. Ian Filippini, one of southern California’s premier wealth management experts, is an avid fan of the Upham Hotel and Country House. Ian Filippini and many others relish the breakfast entrée along with afternoon wine and nibbles with fresh-baked cookies. The hotel is located at 1404 De La Vina Street in Santa Barbara, and you can reach them at 1 + 805-962-0058.  To learn more about Ian Filippini, please visit http://ianfilippini.info/.

Ian Filippini Montecito Inn

Ian Filippini Tells Us: Why you should stay at the Montecito Inn

Ian Filippini Montecito Inn

Why you should stay at the Montecito Inn

Ian Filippini knows that choosing the ideal hotel that meets your individual or collective needs is always a daunting task. With the vast array of options out there, choosing the right hotel that suits your requirements can overwhelm many visitors, especially during the festive season. In addition, there is so much information out there, and with so many photographs and promotional materials, the average hotel seeker is split for choice. Since every promotional item is extremely appealing, knowing whether the hotels will live up to the hype is quite difficult. Also, determining whether the hotel will suit your broad range of tastes and requirements is always hard. According to Mr. Filippini, the best way to choose a hotel is to look at the available amenities.
Since each traveler has unique needs when planning for a vacation, it is vital to decide what you want and develop a list of priorities. Whether you want a great deal, great scenery, or the best hospitality services, knowing what you want can make it easy to identify the ideal hotel for your trip.

Getting started
As you begin the search, decide the type of accommodation you need according to your budget. Considering that the price will vary according to the location, you will book a prime and expensive hotel or a remote and cheaper hotel. Not all hotel rooms are created equal. If you are ready to pay over $150 a night, you might enjoy the following luxuries:
• A luxurious spa and fitness center
• Open gardens with lots of local attractions
• Lush robes and linen
• Concierge services
• Valet parking
• Room service
• Cable TV
Once you have determined your budget, you can list your top priorities. The following tips can help you to get started when it comes to finding the ideal hotel that suits your needs:

Price is the main thing when it comes to planning your vacation. Price encompasses every factor, from the travelling expenses and accommodation, to visits to the local attractions and sightseeing opportunities. If you are booking the hotel online, a system that allows you to choose a hotel by price will work to your advantage. While comparing the prices, look out for exciting promotions and discounts. If you are looking to stay in a hotel for a long time, a little rebate on a daily basis can amount to huge cost savings in the end.
Once you have determined the price of your holiday, choosing the ideal location is quite easy. Most of the major booking sites allow the visitors to sort the hotels based on the location. Depending on your taste, you will decide whether to visit a country hotel or go to a coastal beach, which is where you will find the Montecito Inn (www.montecitoinn.com). With the modern technology, you can use the digital maps to locate a hotel of your choice. By looking at these maps, you will also get plenty of information about the neighborhood, infrastructure, and services. Since it is quite hard to predict whether a hotel will meet your expectations as promised, getting honest feedback from the friends and families can help you to make the right decision.

It is for all of the above reasons, Ian Filippini recommends staying at the Montecito Inn, which is located near beautiful Santa Barbara (santabarbaraca.com).  To learn more about Ian Filippini, please visit https://twitter.com/iaianfilippini.

Ian Filippini Atlanta

Ian Filippini’s Tips on Visiting Atlanta

Ian Filippini Atlanta

Visiting Atlanta For Your Next Vacation
Visiting Atlanta for your next vacation may well be the best decision you have made in years, as it was for Ian Filippini. There is quite a lot to do in Atlanta, but you must make a time of it by choosing the proper locations/attractions. This article is a story of a trip to Atlanta will take you across the city from one side to the other. There are millions of people in Metro Atlanta, and multiple counties offer multiple entertainment options.

#1: The Braves, Falcons, Hawks and Georgia Tech

Sports is alive and well in Atlanta, and you must ensure you have taken in at least one game while in the city The Braves play just north of the city. The Falcons and Hawks play next door to each other in the middle of the city, and historic Grant Field hosts the Yellow Jackets in the fall. You may purchase tickets from each team online, or you may choose a ticket seller.

#2: The Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is the premiere attraction of its kind east of the Mississippi, and may well be Ian Filippini’s favorite attraction in Atlanta. It was built and managed by Bernie Marcus who is famous for founding Home Depot with Arthur Blank. Blank owns the Falcons, and his stadium sits just behind the Aquarium, and it is an excellent place to visit when you wish to escape to an oceanic world in the midst of the city.

#3: Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta sits in historic Grant Park in the depths of the city, and it hides away near the Cyclorama. You may see a reenactment of the Battle of Atlanta in the Cyclorama, or you may walk to the Zoo. The zoo is home to pandas from China who have given birth to two cubs, and the zoo has everything from flamingos to elephants. You are plunged into a forest that hosts the animals, and you may see special houses for insects, birds and snakes. This is a fantastic location for the kids, and adults will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

#4: The CNN Center

You may park near Centennial Olympic Park, and you are within walking distance of the CNN Center. The CNN Center was built by Ted Turner as home of the cable news channel that you are quite familiar with. You may take tours of the building, and you will learn what it takes to get CNN on the air every day. Your children may learn about broadcast news, and you will see your favorite anchors.

#5: The World Of Coca Cola

The World of Coca Cola is a museum dedicated to the most popular soft drink in the world. You may walk through the bottling plant to see how the drink is made, and you may taste flavors from around the world. Coca Cola is more than the bottles and commercials you see every day.

Your trip to Atlanta will be a delight for you when you are planning a vacation. You may fly into the busiest airport in the world, and you will find several counties and millions of people to see.  For more information on this great city, visit www.atlantaga.gov/.  You can read about more places Ian Filippini has visited at http://ian-filippini.com/.