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Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Loves Joe’s Cafe

Ian Filippini Joe's Cafe

Joe’s Cafe

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara has been a local to Santa Barbara since 1999 when he moved here from Pacific Grove. Joe’s Cafe has also been local to Santa Barbara, but for a much longer time, since 1928. If you are from Santa Barbara, live here, or have ever visited, chances are that you have frequented Joe’s Cafe, or at least heard of this iconic Santa Barbara establishment.

Joe’s Cafe is a fun and casual place to grab a bite during the day, and transforms to a popular and busy bar that is a staple of the State Street nightlife. Joe’s has an extensive menu where you can find burgers, sandwiches, salads and incredible desserts. Though the food at Joe’s is great, they are even better known for their strong cocktails. Patron beware! One drink at Joe’s Cafe can easily equal 2 or 3 drinks from your usual neighborhood bar. This is one of the reasons Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and many, many other Santa Barbara locals enjoy a drink at Joe’s Cafe from time to time.

Joe’s Cafe actually has a very long and detailed history that you can check out here https://www.joescafesb.com/info/#story. And you can check out more about Ian Filippini Santa Barbara at http://ian1031.com/san-ysidro-ranch-a-santa-barbara-secret/ and http://seniortaxplanners.com/.